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12 Easter Brunch Recipes

12 Easter Brunch Recipes
2 April 2015 Niels Eric

12 easter brunch recipes | | #easter #brunch #breakfast

12  Easter brunch recipes

Hi and good morning!

It’s always a good thing to start off your day with a healthy breakfast. With Easter we usually come together with the family to enjoy brunch together, everyone brings their own little homemade brunch foods which we’ll all eat together. That got me thinking, why not make a list of breakfast and brunch recipes you can find at Have Another Bite. I put some desserts or sweet recipes in there because it’s Easter holiday ;) like the chocolaty Heavenly Mud or this super delicious Oatmeal Cranberry cake topped with syrup. Yum!

All recipes are simple to make and will definitely lift up your Easter brunch or breakfast, enjoy!


#1) Easy Artisan bread with seeds, grains & honey

Quick and easy Artisan Bread with a little natural sweetness
What is a good Easter brunch without your fresh homemade artisan bread? Make yourself a tasty sweet artisan bread this Easter filled with flax seeds, oats, raisins and honey. If you make sure the dough is ready one day ahead (or even earlier since you can freeze it!) it’ll only cost about 10-15 minutes to bake off this delicious bread. A good way to start of your Easter Brunch.


#2) Blood Orange + Honey Granola packed with Nuts ‘n Cranberries

Blood orange + honey Granola crammed with nuts, seeds and cranberries | Kickstart your day with a bowl of this glorious greatness | | #breakfast #granola #healthy


This is one of our personal favourites here, oh my this is delicious…and healthy. The crispy granola with the full flavour of the various nuts and the slight taste of blood oranges and honey is just YUM! In the recipe I added cranberries as well, they’ll make it a true flavor extravaganza. Perfect with a full creamy yogurt or curd.


#3) Blueberry & Red Grape Smoothie

Blueberry grape smoothie | | #veryberry #smoothie #grape #blueberry
A brunch can simply not go without a healthy fruit juice! Try this one with frozen blueberries, red grapes and a splash of coconut water! It will amaze you how simple it is to make, but how full of flavour it is! This smoothie will take you about 5 max to make!


#4) Lovely Raspberry Pomegranate Smoothie

Ingredients for fruity smoothie | | #ingredient #raspberry #smoothie


Icecubes, A hand of pomegranate pods, a hand of frozen raspberries, a spoon of honey, a splash og almond milk and a little love…Whizzzz… and done! You’ve got yourself healthy sweetness in a glass!



#5) Cucumber & smoked salmon candy

Aren’t these sweet? The combination is famous: Cucumber, smoked salmon, cream cheese and dille. But then dressed like a cute candy. These salmon candies will most certain work well at your Easter breakfast!



#6) Cucumber bites with bacon, blue cheese and balsamic

Cucumber bites with bacon, blue cheese and balsamic |
And… one more cucumber bite. These are simply a rolled up slices of cucumber, stuffed with blue cheese, crispy bacon and balsamic vinegar.



#7) Cranberry Oatmeal Cake

Cranberry Oatmeal Cake syrup


For holiday brunches like Easter brunch, cakes work for me. I mean a cake like this is a perfect addition to your reaster brunch. It’s good for your sweet tooth but is healthy too. I am really in love with the cranberries, they make this cake pop! So why not?



#8) Dutch little spiced cookies

Dutch spiced cookies | | #easter #breakfast


It’s a funny thing, we eat these cookies in the Netherlands only around December, because they’re linked to a national holiday. But why not make these cookies all year round? They’re tasty, easy to make and kids love to help with these cookies. Oh, and don’t forget to taste the dough before you put ’em in the oven.



#9) Healthy Almond Date Truffles

almond date truffles | | #healthy #energy #bomb


Healthy little energy bombs! You can make them for your brunch or save them for tea time and snack them as your little four o’clock snack. They might fit into your easter brunch, they may not, anyway they’re healthy, tasty and full of energy. So you better make these anyway.



#10) Easy & Tasty Hummus

Easy and tasty Hummus | | #hummus #recipe #spread


Looking for a healthy and vegetarian addition to your Easter brunch? Are you planning to make #1 from the list? yes, great then make this hummus as well so you have something to spread on your bread or toast!



 #11) Baba Ganoush

Baba Ganoush recipe | Made from fresh roasted eggplant, garlic, oil and herbs | | #spread #dip #eggplant #recipe


Baba what!? Baba Ganoush is a really flavorful eggplant mash. It might be a little exotic for an Easter brunch, but I think it tastes too good on toast to leave it out of the list. It’s quite simple to make and it gives you something different then you’re used to for Easter brunch.



#12) Heavenly Mud

heavenly mud


And at last, the desert! Chocolate, chocolate, and orange! Did you ever have a desert after brunch or after breakfast? Make this heavenly mud your easter brunch desert, I mean it’s chocolate and it’s heavenly so as far as I’m concerned it’s allowed ;)
Happy Easter! Enjoy your breakfast or brunch..and the extra long weekend.

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    Thank you for sharing “12 easter brunch recipes”. the posted recipes are definitely make my family Christmas beautiful and delicious one. I like “Healthy Almond Date Truffles”,”Cranberry Oatmeal Cake” and “Blueberry & Red Grape Smoothie” So much from this twelve recipes.

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