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9 Wonderful Autumn Recipes You’ll Fall For

9 Wonderful Autumn Recipes You’ll Fall For
12 October 2015 Niels Eric
9 autumn recipes

9 Autumn recipes you'll Fall for | a list of yummy recipes that will warm you up this season | #autumn #yum #food |



We are well one month into autumn season right now and the trees are starting to get their beautiful yellow, orange, red, brown color tones. Walking in the forest on a Sunday afternoon is one of those things where I can really empty my mind and just breath in that colorful atmosphere. Currently I am waiting for that one perfect moment when the color of the leafs is at its maximum, to do some nature / landscape shots that really show autumn at its best. I think I’ll have to wait one or two more weeks for that moment to come -> (pssht: Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to be updated on that!).


Autumn also is the perfect season for some warm, cozy and fine dishes. A lot of recipes in this season contain warm ingredients such as apples, berries, pumpkins and mushrooms. The nine autumn recipes listed below will give you some inspiration on things to cook yourself this season. Some are just plain delicious and some are a little more extraordinary but will hopefully get you some new ides for yourself. I’d say, take a look and enjoy!



1. Sophisticated Simple Pumpkin Soup

Sophisticated Simple Pumpkin Soup | 9 Autumn Recipes you will fall for | | #autumn #fall #love


You simply can’t let autumn pass without having eaten at least one Pumpkin Soup. This is one of those simple but warming and delicious dishes that will make you forget that summer is really over.

Recipe by

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2. Pumpkin Ale Cornbread

Pumpkin Ale Corn Bread | 9 Autumn recipes you will fall for | | #Fall #food #goodstuff



Pumpkin and Ale in one bread, this just screams Autumn. Make sure you save at least one good ole bottle of ale to accompany this wonderful autumn recipe.

Recipe by The Beeroness

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3. Crunchy Salad with Grilled Chicory and Blue Cheese

Chickory Salad | 9 autumn recipes you will fall for | | #love #fun #food



This beautiful autumn salad will warm you up when the days are getting a little colder. A beautiful palate of flavors and healthy too.

Recipe by Jernej Kitchen

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4. Beet and Burrata Endive Salad

Beet and Burrata Salad | 9 wonderful autumn recipes | #love #food #instagood



Look at those colors, I can taste it already just by looking at it! If fall comes to early for you, just go make this salad and you don’t mind letting go of those summer feelings.

Recipe by Kitchen Confidante

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5. Fall Salad with Beluga Lentils, Grapes and Roasted Pumpkin

Autumn Salad with grapes lentils and more | 9 Autumn recipes that are wonderfully delicious | #goodfood #autumn #love




Do I need to say more? This recipe is simply ‘autumn’ on a plate. Those colors and flavors blend perfectly together to a beautiful healthy autumn dish!

Recipe by The Awesome Green

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6. Harvest Hash with Applewood Smoked Bacon

Harvest Hash with Apple Smoked Bacon | 9 Autumn recipes you will Fall for! |


A perfectly tasty Hash with flavors of apple and bacon. If this won’t warm you up on Autumn’s first cold days you’d better stay inside all season :P

Recipe by Modern Granola

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7. Eggplant Pizza with Prosciutto

Eggplant pizza & olive oil | | #eggplant #pizza #recipe


This simple and delightful pizza always warms me up on a autumn’s day. The flavors are perfect in sync with Autumn but still reminds me of summer.

Recipe by Have Another Bite

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8. Almond Apple Custard Tart with Apple Roses

Almond Apple Custard Tart with Apple roses | Wonderful Autumn recipes | #goodfood #recipe #cooking




A beautiful super tasty Autumn dessert! I might take a little while to arrange the apples but I’m quite sure you’ll impress anyone with a Autumn dessert like this!

Recipe by Hill Reeves

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9. Cinnamon Swirl Bread with Apples, Dates and Walnuts

Cinnamon Swirl Bread with Apples, Dates and Walnuts | 9 wonderfull autumn recipes you'll fall for |


Cinnamon, dates, apple and walnut, how much Autumn can you put in one recipe? This mouthwatering swirl bread is not only impressive but will taste just great too!

Recipe by Bea’s Cookbook

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This was the last recipe already, I really hope you’ve enjoyed this list of nine Autumn recipes and that it got you some fresh inspiration to get cooking and try some new tastes this season! Happy Autumn!


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  1. Thanks for mentioning my recipe! Your recipes are gorgeous, and this round up is awesome. It’s an honor to be included!
    xx Sydney

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