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Author archive for Niels Eric

  • Veggie chips feature

    The best winter veggie chips

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    You can turn nearly any vegetable into chips, but now I used seasonal winter vegetables for a healthy winter salad.…

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  • Almond Date Truffles


    Healthy Almond Date Truffles with toppings, eat once and won’t stop. These little energy bombs are a good afternoon snack…

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  • Healthy Fennel Quiche


    Remarkably tasty and healthy fennel quiche. It's all veggie and easy to make! Why not make it today? Let's have…

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  • Heavenly Mud

    Heavenly Mud, Heavenly Delicous!

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    Indulge yourself with this oh-so-tasty, dark chocolate Heavenly Mud with hints of orange! Sometimes all you need is just a…

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  • Dutch pea soup 500x300

    Grandma’s delicious pea soup

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    Grandma's Dutch pea soup. A soup recipe that's perfect for winter and summer time with fresh veggies and a bit…

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  • Peach jam 500x300

    Easy and delicious peach jam recipe

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    This tasty and easy peach jam can be done in just 40 minutes and goes perfectly with a fresh slice…

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  • Mustard soup dutch 500x300

    Dutch Mustard soup recipe


    This Dutch mustard soup is easy to make and will make your taste buds go wild! Have you never tried…

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  • Spaghetti salmon spinach 500x300

    Creamy Spinach & Crusty Salmon Spaghetti

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    This alltime easy, but oh so tasty, recipe is one of my favourites. Maybe that's why this recipe was the…

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