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Posts tagged with ‘healthy’

  • Mexican green bean salad

    Mexican Green Bean Salad with Jalapeño peppers


    Mexican green bean salad with pickled jalapeño peppers. This super healthy green bean salad is the perfect companion for a…

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  • Avocado noodle salad with mango and kohlrabi

    15 minute Avocado Noodle Salad with Mango & Kohlrabi


    Easy 15 minute avocado noodle salad with mango and kohlrabi, a surprisingly delicious recipe for summer! Cool down after a…

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  • Refreshing melon smoothie

    Refreshing Melon-Cucumber-Mint Smoothie


    Refreshing melon cucumber mint smoothie to keep you hydrated in summer! This smoothie is fresh, sweet, healthy and is ready…

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    • Avocado salad for summer
    • avocado salad with peanut and tomato from myanmar | | #summer #salad #burmese #recipe
    • Myanmar Avocado Salad Ingredients | | #salad #peanut #avocado #burma

    Summer Avocado Salad with Tomato & Peanuts from Myanmar


    This delicious and simple avocado salad with tomato and peanuts makes my hot summer days complete. Healthy, Nutritious and super-tasty!

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  • lemon pesto pasta with spinach |

    Quick Lemon Pesto Pasta


    This easy 20-minute Lemon Pesto Pasta is just perfect for a warm summer evening. It's light, refreshing and tasty and…

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  • Veggie bolognese with zucchini zoodles |

    Veggie Bolognese Zoodles


    This incredibly tasty veggie bolognese sauce is made with only vegetables and served with zoodles. It's entirely vegetarian, but you…

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  • Granola with nuts, seeds, cranberries and a honey blood orange twist

    Blood Orange + Honey Granola packed with Nuts ‘n Cranberries

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    Kickstart your day with Homemade Blood Orange + Honey Granola packed with Nuts 'n Cranberries. A delicious energy-boost full of…

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  • Green Pasta with peas, chile and yogurt

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    Green Pasta with a pea & yoghurt sauce, fresh spinach and oven-grilled cherry tomatoes! This fresh pasta recipe is ready…

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  • Baba Ganoush (Eggplant Puree)


    This Baba Ganoush recipe is just great! It's tasty, veggie and super easy to make. A perfect dip/spread for any…

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  • Raspberry pomegranate smoothie feature

    Lovely Raspberry Pomegranate Smoothie

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    This delicious Raspberry pomegranate smoothie is lovely sweet and healthy as well and gives you the energy to go on…

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